Media Center

The Sadler Media Center is the heart of our school; using our library provides life-long experiences through developing skills.

Students visit the media center to use computers to seek information, develop skills through inpidualized computer program learning, and of course, to borrow books for the enjoyment of reading and improving their independent reading ability. The center also is the place for checking out textbooks.

Our faculty and staff also seek resources and information in the media center as well as attending a variety of trainings. The center houses a teacher work area, which includes poster makers, display board tools, and the audio portion of the Sadler media collection.

Specific programs are available for students in school and for students and their families at home with the use of a computer connected to the Internet.

Available programs are:

Britannica Online – in English and Spanish, for elementary middle and high school students.

Web address:

Login = ocps    password = orange

FCAT Explorer – online preparation for FCAT

Web address:

Login = first initial and last name, students only

Password = 8 numbers –mmddyyyy

Nettrekker – an education search engine

Web address:

Login = ocps1  

Password = ocps1

MyOn Reader - database of over 2,000 books - fiction and non-fiction

Web address:

School Name = Sadler  Username = student #  Password = yyyymmdd (student DOB)

Web address:

School Name = Sadler  Username = student #  Password = yyyymmdd (student DOB)

Additional Resources

Orlando Public Library

Web address: